Harlow Driving Test Centre

In order to get your driving licence so of course you’re going to need some driving lessons but also you need to pass your theory test and your practical test so we thought it would be useful if we list of the locations of your nearest Theory Test Centre and your driving test centre in Harlow.

This is where you can find the theory test centre in Harlow

And here is where you will go take take your practical driving test.

As you can see if you live in Harlow the nearest place to be to take your driving test is over in Bishop’s Stortford.

When learning to drive and taking driving lessons in Harlow your driving instructor will train you in all the major areas so that when you do take your driving test you will know the test routes. However passing your driving test is not just a question have known that test routes and how to navigate those roads it’s about knowing how to drive safely in all conditions it’s just helpful that you know the routes.

As soon as you have got a provisional driving licence you can book your theory test at any time but the most ideal time to book your practical driving test in Harlow is in accordance with the diary of your driving instructor because you do not want to double book.

Once you when you’re driving instructor have agreed upon a date you will need your theory test certificate and a method of payment to be able to book a practical driving test. In the time between booking the test and taking the test it is strongly recommended that you reserve a series of driving lessons each week with your instructor to improve and develop your skills. It is also important to remember that no one has ever failed their driving test by taking one lesson too many so please do not miss out and skip driving lessons.