Driving Test Rescue

Many people are going to fail their driving test actually about 53% of all driving test in the UK end in a failure it’s really not an acceptable figure considering most learner drivers spend over £1,000 on becoming a safe driver.  Right now we will look into the Reasons why so many learner drivers are failing her driving test.

The problem we have is the quality of driving tuition, most driving schools only teach the technical side of driving and neglect  driver safety, for example you will learn how to turn left and right at junctions, but how do you negotiate a junction keeping everyone safe.

If you unlike many learner drivers and have failed your driving test with a different school then we can help you with our special course called driving test rescue in short what we will do is reprogram the way you have learn to drive so that you become a naturally safe driver.

People fail their driving test not because of nerves, but due to the fact they are not fully prepared that’s all.

Our driving test rescue course will assess your current ability and demonstrate to you why you are making the mistakes you are and then we will plot a course of driving lessons to enable you to impress the driving Examiner, pass your driving test and get your full driving licence.

We are the only driving school currently in Harlow offer a driving test rescue package so therefore you can understand we are quite popular and demand is high,  so  what you need to do is call now and ask for availability.

If you already have a driving test booked it is essential that your phone is now to ask for our availability because Duty you having a driving test date already  we need to make sure we have the time and space for you. Not just for your driving test but also for the lessons you are going to need.

The right thing for you to do is to call us right away, explaining your situation, going over your experiences and explaining how you feel. We will be delighted to assist you in your quest for a driving licence.